Since 1955: Super Spurs, problems at United, Chelsea host Barca Fellow Gazette writers Will Pearse and Shane Murphy joined me to chat about an insane first week of Champions League round of 16 matchups and what lies ahead this week! Talking Tottenham's huge result in Turin, Madrid's thriller against PSG, Mourinho's problems at Old Trafford, and look ahead to Chelsea v

The Simply Red guitarist who became Liverpool’s masseur: Sylvan Richardson on working in football, Sir Chris Hoy and one of Britain’s greatest groups

Sylvan Richardson chuckles as he recounts an anecdote from his time as Liverpool’s masseur, working under his old boss, Brendan Rodgers. “I’d be going about my business and Brendan would be with one of his manager friends and he’d be like: ‘Oh, come and meet Sylvan. He was in Simply Red!’.”

Formula One Uncovered: Countdown to season 2018

The countdown to the 2018 Formula One season has officially started, with both Haas and Williams revealing their new cars this week. The sport has slowly begun coming out of hibernation revealing more and more pieces of information about this season.  While we’ve been kept in the dark over the past few

“I want to go out there and do the country proud!” – Laura Deas on her medal chances, Lizzy Yarnold and inspiring the next generation

For a nation without much in the way of winter sport pedigree, one event that Great Britain seems to excel at against the odds is the women’s skeleton. Even without its own ice track, Team GB have won a medal in each Winter Olympics since Alex Coomber won bronze at Salt

The Five Wildest Wipeouts in Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Finals

Short track speed skating will be one of the most popular sports for the host nation at these Olympic Winter Games. (John Scone photo) Olympic short track speed skating is known for two things: blinding pace, and spectacular wipeouts. The discipline returns to the Olympic Winter Games for the eighth time