What makes a sports fan?

It is a well-known fact most sports professionals at the top of their game started the sport from the word go, but was their love for the sport drilled into them by a parent or friend? Or did their obsession come from something raw and unmovable within? Do people grow up

Watch: Harry Redknapp Picks Fantasy England XI

England play Brazil tonight in a friendly at Wembley stadium. It is a fitting stage considering Harry Redknapp picked Bobby Moore to be the captain in his England fantasy XI. Moore went out with the team onto the very same venue in 1966 and went on to win the World Cup,

“Joshua will beat Wilder. He’s a better complete package”: Mark Seltzer on the most important fight of Anthony Joshua’s career

Anthony Joshua's corner man, Mark Seltzer, is huge in the boxing scene. He’s the man stood behind the biggest names in British boxing. He’s the man with the inside scoop. The man who walks step-by-step with fighters right up to the ropes, those four corners of truth, before they unleash

Women’s Sports News 05 – 12 November 2017

It's been a fantastic week for women in sport with world-class performances and true strength shining through. Please listen to this week's podcast rounding up the headlines here: https://soundcloud.com/emily-victoria-7/womens-sports-news-05-12-november

Sexism and Sexual Harassment in the Media: A thing of the Past?

Sexism is a strong word that morphs into different forms. In the sports media world, it can come as a throwaway comment: “Why is she reading the sports news? She probably doesn’t even know the offside rule.” Cue laughter. It can, unfortunately, come as something more sinister: “I will help you get

In Conversation with Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp takes a photo with, journalist, Emily Victoria, following an exclusive interview. They are in a local restaurant close to Redknapp's home.

Talking to Harry Redknapp is like talking to a mate down the pub - except a mate probably wouldn't have as much football nous as Redknapp. Sitting in Redknapp's local cafe waiting for his arrival felt like I was waiting to meet the Prime Minister or about to sit a horribly