Sexism and Sexual Harassment in the Media: A thing of the Past?

Sexism is a strong word that morphs into different forms. In the sports media world, it can come as a throwaway comment: “Why is she reading the sports news? She probably doesn’t even know the offside rule.” Cue laughter. It can, unfortunately, come as something more sinister: “I will help you get

In Conversation with Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp takes a photo with, journalist, Emily Victoria, following an exclusive interview. They are in a local restaurant close to Redknapp's home.

Talking to Harry Redknapp is like talking to a mate down the pub - except a mate probably wouldn't have as much football nous as Redknapp. Sitting in Redknapp's local cafe waiting for his arrival felt like I was waiting to meet the Prime Minister or about to sit a horribly

Podcast: Women’s Sports News 08-15 October 2017

In this week's news: Maria Sharapova won her first tour title since her drug ban at the Tiajin Open - but has she won back her good reputation? Another blow to British sport surfaced in the form of Rob Greenwood, para-swimming coach; Serena Williams inspired mums everywhere with her quick-fire

Eddie Mitchell on AFC Bournemouth then and now

Former AFC Bournemouth chairman, Eddie Mitchell, talks about the history of the club, its current position and about his fears for the Cherries going forward. Plus he gives his view on Eddie Howe as potential future England manager. A relaxed Eddie Mitchell sits in his modern factory in Sandbanks surrounded by

How Popular are American Sports in the UK?

In recent years, American sports have leapt across the pond in attempt to make a splash over here in the UK. Associations and governing bodies representing the NBA, NFL and MLB have all invested heavily in what they see as a growing market. American sports have immense resources and it

Podcast: Women’s Sports News: 01-08 October 2017

This week has been massive for women’s sport. The England cricket team topped the ICC world rankings, Norway have actioned equal pay to their national men’s and women’s football teams, the shortlist for the Sportswoman of the Year Award has been announced, there’s a new WTA world number one and