“If our boxer’s in too deep, we’ll pull him out.” – a ringside view of success in British junior boxing

Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder? Veteran amateur boxing coach Bob Pearson shakes his head to indicate his lack of interest: “I don’t know.” He is dedicated to overseeing the junior boxers at Earlsfield ABC in South West London, which is run by Sid Khan, the older brother of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Pearson prefers grassroots development over championship fights. “Have you ever been to a junior boxing show?” Pearson enquires. “No,” I confess. http://gty.im/627843674 He

“If football wasn’t around, frisbee would’ve filled that void.”

Ultimate Frisbee, otherwise known as Ultimate, is fairly new to most people’s consciousness, but it is not to be taken lightly, argues St Mary’s University men’s team captain, Alex Dickinson. He explained how this lack of knowledge causes people to underrate Ultimate. Dickinson explained that people often asked him: "Ultimate Frisbee?

Can Romell Glave be as good as Usain Bolt?

Romell Glave burst onto the track and field scene earlier this year scooping both the 100m and 200m titles at the 2017 England Athletics Under 20 Championships . Relatively unknown in the U20 category, 17-year-old Glave defeated many athletes two years his senior. “I was expecting it because I trained hard for

Anaerobic NOT Aerobic exercise for the non-athlete

Mark Baker is not an elite athlete. Though now in his mid-fifties, he still has the physique of a twenty-something sportsman at his physical peak. But if you thought that to stay in excellent shape into middle and old age was a task for only the most dedicated of gym goers,