“My goal was to improve rhythmic gymnastics in the country” — Stephani Sherlock on her career, doping and rhythmic gymnastics in the UK and Russia

Gymnastics was never the plan for Stephani Sherlock. Growing up in Moscow, her Russian mother was intent for her daughter to prioritise education, with the aim of moving to the UK — which she did at 13, before embarking on an undergraduate degree at St Mary’s University, Twickenham earlier this

“It’s a publicity stunt. I don’t think it’s fair to ask women to play against men” — Former world number one Linda Duffy discusses women’s inclusion in PDC World Championship

The movement towards gender equality in sport — consisting of equal opportunity, pay and the evaporation of existing stigma — is an ongoing process. It’s easy to state intention, but what are those in influential positions actually doing to promote this progression? December’s PDC World Championship will, for the first time, guarantee two

Life as the Limestone Cowboy – Bob Anderson talks darts, javelin and Eric Bristow

“That damn horse gets more publicity than I do,” Bob Anderson chuckles. “None of it was my idea. I think horses are fabulous creatures, but there isn’t one alive that likes me. For a cowboy to say that, it’s pretty hypocritical. That horse was incredible — an ex-police hunter, 17 hands.

“I don’t think I would have been able to have a career in sports without the Army” — Amanda Lightfoot on the struggles of the British biathlete

Biathlon is not a mainstream sport in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact most people don’t even know what biathlon is. Essentially, it’s cross-country skiing combined with rifle shooting. At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, Amanda Lightfoot — Great Britain’s sole women representative in biathlon — skied faster than

The Jacksonville Roar cheerleaders on balancing jobs, sisterhood & supporting the Jaguars

A football flies through the air, hurtled from the hand of quarterback Blake Bortles. 'Jaguars on three' comes the shout from the huddle as the offense and defence prepare to scrimmage at the Allianz Park. It's bitingly cold throughout practice. Frosted breath escapes into the atmosphere. The players don team-branded hoodies

‘The Man Inside the Machine:’ Marathon runner Steve Edwards on his record-breaking achievements and the quest for 1000 marathons

He’s broken four world records. He’s completed 843 official marathons. He is 'The Man Inside the Machine,' according to the title of his recently published autobiography.  Coventry-born Steve Edwards works in the I.T. sector by day, but by night he morphs into 'The Godfather of Marathon Running,', and his next mission

From the M62, through Europe, to Toronto: David Lawrenson on the globalisation of rugby league

While the champagne was being uncorked in the visitors' dressing room after a 4-2 defeat in the Million Pound Game against the London Broncos, Toronto Wolfpack had to reconcile the fact that they would not be taking part in next season's Super League. However, for a team thousands of miles