The year in sport 2018: Squash

For a sport that has thus far been marginalised from Olympic inclusion, squash has enjoyed good exposure this past year. Featuring at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires and with the Professional Squash Association’s (PSA) YouTube channel most recently hitting 100,000 subscribers, the global reach of squash is

Ho-Ho-Horrible… These are the five most bizarre winter sports in the world

5. Ice Karting Karting is funny enough on regular racing tracks, but how about doing it on ice? Instead of classic asphalt the contenders have to compete on entirely frozen slopes. Undoubtedly, the tires must be appropriately modified by replacing the normal tires with specific dowelled ones and nails screwed into the

What to expect from sport in 2019

As the dust settles on 2018, it would be easy to sit back and reflect on another amazing year of sport. With the FIFA World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and all of the annual events too, there was certainly plenty to celebrate. Even if it didn’t quite

“Wheelchair Tennis is still not deemed as newsworthy” — Why media coverage of parasport desperately requires a shift in narrative

The majority of people will know who Roger Federer is.  A tennis champion, he has won a total of 20 grand slams. Do the same people, though, know of wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda? Also a champion of the same sport, Kunieda has won 22 Grand Slam singles titles. Two more than