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Warren Muggleton


Twitter: @WMuggleton

I'm here to tell you some stories of athletic achievement whilst studying the art of Sports Journalism at St. Mary's University.

I love sport of every kind except those involving animals. Put me in the terraces, along the crease or on the piste and I'll give you a story!

I do have a slight bias towards rugby, tennis, rowing (competed for six years, including two times at Henley Royal Regatta) and athletics (ran the London Marathon in April 2015)!

My ultimate aim is to present sport on TV but I would also love to work in print, radio or online.

Sporting hero: Sir Steve Redgrave
Journalistic heroes: Ian Woolridge, Martin Samuel, Matthew Syed
Favourite Sport Films: Cool Runnings, A League of their Own
Favourite Sport Book: Moneyball
Favourite Sporting Moment: The last day of the 2011/2012 Premier League season- I’m a United fan, so I still cry about that day!

Blog: Sport-Matters

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