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Don’t Crack E7 – British Boxing Bonanza!

In the seventh addition of the Don’t Crack Podcast, we discuss the landscape of British boxing, following big fight withdrawals, big fight announcements and a visit to the Australian jungle.

For this episode we were joined by our Sports Gazette Colleague and avid boxing fan, Shane Murphy.


Adam Bio
Adam Samuel is a twenty-three-year-old aspiring sports journalist, currently studying at St Mary’s University. He was raised in both East London and Essex, and is of Caribbean descent. His hobbies include plotting who to transfer into his FPL team every week and dance music.

Aramide Bio

Aramide Oladipo is a twenty-five-year-old aspiring sports journalist, studying at St Mary’s University. He was raised in St Albans, and is of Nigerian descent. His hobbies include writing about football and laughing at the plight of Amir Khan.

Adam Samuel
Adam, 23, is a recent graduate of Bournemouth University, where he attained a bachelor of science degree in Sports Management. Following this, he found his way into sports journalism, writing regularly for a football-centred website and having his articles read by over four million people. Growing up in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham, Adam thrived on the playing fields, participating in academy-level football for several years and competing as a national level track and field athlete. Further, he flourished academically, being voted head boy by his peers in his final year of secondary school. In this role, he enjoyed his first experience in a writing capacity, contributing a weekly article to the school newsletter. Other sports in which he holds a great interest include basketball, American football, boxing, cricket and handball to name but a few. Having determined to forge a career in multimedia journalism, Adam is now undertaking a Masters degree in Sports Journalism at St Mary’s University. Twitter: @adamsamuell Email:
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