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OverHyped: NFL Week 10

In the second episode of OverHyped, host Matt Bowers talks about Jerry Jones declaring war on the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, why Marquise Lee and Thursday Night Football are ridiculous, and more!!

Matt Bowers
Having grown up in the United States as both a participant and observer of American sports, Matt was often the odd man out when it came to a certain specialist sport called "soccer". A recent graduate of the University of Central Missouri, a passion for sport and their globally-relevant dramatics led him to pursue them as a career. Having started this journey with the media network FanSided as an editor for a Premier League website, his aspirations and sporting interests reach far beyond European football. A lifelong American football and ice hockey fan, he has experience with professional clubs like the Kansas City Mavericks. Having spent his last semester of university in Madrid, he took a gap year after graduating to travel all over Europe. Needless to say, these journeys ignited a fire to experience and share incredible sports and cultural stories with people and fans all around the world.
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