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Top 5 Twitter Reactions to Sam Allardyce's Resignation

Published: 28 Sep 2016

Twitter exploded in the wake of new-now-old England manager Sam Allardyce resigning. Here are the top five reactions on Twitter to the big news.

1: Alan Shearer

As usual, Shearer was not afraid to speak his mind. And then to go on and sting us with a reminder of the Iceland defeat- classic Shearer.
Scything through patriotism for the England team in well under 140 characters, Shearer was re-tweeted and liked thousands of times as the news broke last night.
Shearer manages to capture the sense of rejection felt by the whole nation as Allardyce, a man who was held up as ‘The People’s Champion’, left all England fans broken-hearted and stunned.
The story has been driven by greed. A big question in English football is whether England players are more motivated by money than playing for their club. But for the manager to be caught in this act too? What else could Shearer say?

2: Ben Smith

Ben Smith has one of the largest journalistic followings on Twitter and this gem explains why.
He managed to find an angle no-one else could last night by comparing Allardyce’s brief reign to the plight of the Chilean miners in 2010.
There is a wonderful irony to be seen here. As the Chileans were soon to escape the hell they endured, is Smith implying that Allardyce has escaped his own hell? Is the England manager job such a poisoned chalice?
With over 6,000 re-tweets and nearly 5,000 likes, Smith obviously struck a chord.

3: Jake Humphrey
Jake Humphrey took his followers on a bit of a journey last night.
Consider this first tweet.

To use ‘greed’, ‘naivety’ and ‘ruthless press’ in this order certainly implies annoyance at the Telegraph. One side of the ethical debate; “it’s a breach of privacy”.
After a brisk change of mind, Humphrey says this.

It’s very tempting to use my own general phrase: ‘180-degree turn’. Probably all in good humour but it caught the attention of several Tweeters last night.
The other side of the ethical debate: “The Telegraph defined their boundaries and went out to find the truth”.
Inadvertently, Humphrey summarised the problem here, leaving it up to Tweeters to decide where they stood.

4: Mike Brown

I know- a rugby player in a football discussion, but bear with me.
Mike Brown regularly tweets his thoughts on the latest sporting occurrences beyond rugby. Just ask his followers- he certainly grabs any opportunity for a Twitter spat.
You can’t blame him for this though. Adding a new perspective and some humour to the evening.
He’s even got a poll going for who the next England manager will be and it’s received nearly 2,000 votes!
Next MOTD pundit? Look no further!

5: BigSport

There’s nothing like a meme on days like these and BigSport hit the nail on the head with this brilliant video.
With 800 re-tweets and 670 likes, the Vine certainly tickled BigSport’s followers.

All statistics were correct at the time of publication.

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