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Could Wales outperform England AGAIN?

Published: 4 Oct 2016

Wales have a better chance for World Cup qualification than England

England football have dominated the headlines in the last week. After an exasperating Euros, an even more embarrassing episode with Sam Allardyce have left England fans thirsty for a satisfying World Cup qualification win and a bit of dignity.

Yet there is another home country team that has a World Cup qualifier this week who is hoping to triumph without any of the drama like that of their neighbours from across the bridge. Wales are taking their World Cup campaign on the road this week as they head to Austria, along with over 4000 Welsh fans, on Thursday night.

This will not be an easy match for the Euro semi-finalists as Austria were undefeated in their campaign for Euro 2016. However, Austria went on to place bottom of their group behind Iceland and eventual winners Portugal.

Wales are without the injured Aaron Ramsey, who was one of Wales’ playmakers at the Euros. Despite this loss, they squad still contains Gareth Bale, Joe Allen, Sam Vokes and captain Ashley Williams amongst others.

Wales started their World Cup campaign well with a comfortable 4-0 win over Moldova and now they need to keep the momentum up from last three months, which is more than can be said for England. 

England may be the better team on paper, but with current underachieving players and an uncertain managerial team, the Welsh side are better suited for a successful World Cup campaign.

Chris Coleman, who withstands the Allardyce regime, told FAWTV that “As soon as we get the jersey on, nothing else matters. We empty on the pitch. We leave it all on the pitch.” The Welsh side seem to have more of a squad mentality than England, and they have nothing to lose so can afford to take bigger chances, which are more likely to pay off.

The Welsh team do not seem to fear the 'what ifs' and they have a much smaller reputation than the English to uphold. It is the sense of perspective and relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the Welsh team that sets them apart from the English.

The spirit they emanate is not just due to Bale, but the team as a whole, and it helps to have a manager who isn't up a creek without a paddle.

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