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Top 10 British and Irish NFL Twitter Accounts

Published: 16 Oct 2016

Ahead of the 16th NFL international series game, the first ever NFL game to be played at Twickenham stadium, we put together a list of the best British and Irish NFL Twitter accounts to help you get ready.

1 - Sam Monson

The lead NFL analyst for Pro Football Focus, Ireland's Sam Monson brings genuine insight in to the game that will rival anything from across the pond. A must follow.

2 - Nat Coombs

A regular host of the NFL show on TalkSport2 and a stand-in host of the BBC’s new NFL coverage, this is one of the best British journalists covering the NFL.

3 - Gridiron Magazine

Gridiron magazine has been providing British NFL fans with superb printed content since 2013 and has featured interviews with some of the game’s biggest players. Their accompanying podcast is also a great place for engaging discussions.

4 - NFL Girl UK

Liz Fox brings a much needed female presence to British coverage of the NFL. Her blog is regularly updated with good content and over the summer featured a fantastic interview with the head of NFL UK, Alistair Kirkwood.

5 - Pigskin Podcast

Two podcasts a week and great, sassy hot takes on twitter. This is an excellent follow for UK fans.

6 - Richard Graves

Richard Graves has recently become the man on the ground for Sky Sports NFL coverage. He is a good follow for up to date NFL news.

7 - Blitz Magazine

Launched this year, Blitz Magazine is a digital publication that provides excellent NFL and grass roots American football coverage from around the world.

8 - Going Long Podcast

Another podcast follow, Going Long has great content for new and veteran fans of the NFL. They engage well with the UK fan base and have some great video content to go with it.

9 - Gordon McGuinness

If you like special teams, then you’ll love this follow. Scotland’s Gordon McGuinness is the lead special teams analyst for Pro Football Focus and has great college football takes, perfect come draft time.

10 - 40 Yards Scouting

Provider of the UK’s only complete NFL draft guide this is a great follow for in-depth takes. This is also a great follow for keeping up with college football during the season.

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