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Daya Kaur gears up to lead Liverpool out against Manchester at Anfield tonight

Daya Kaur mascot for Liverpool at Anfield
Published: 17 Oct 2016

Tonight a lifelong Liverpool fan will see his daughter be mascot for Liverpool Football Club against Manchester United at Anfield.

As the Reds gear up for their clash against Manchester United at Anfield tonight, one little girl is ready to fulfil many people’s dreams.

The match kicks off at 8pm, you can watch all the action unfold and see Daya Kaur walking the team out live on Sky Sports 1.

Harinder Singh said: “As a dad I cannot begin to state what it feels like. My heart is exploding with excitement and pride for our lovely Daya Kaur.”

Saying his days are long passed to be anything on the pitch, Daya is fulfilling her dad’s childhood ambitions. He said: “This one I’ll treasure for all my days to come."

It was obvious Daya was going to become a Liverpool fan. Her mother, Rupinder Kaur also follows the Reds.

"My heart is exploding with excitement and pride for our lovely Daya Kaur.”

She said: “My husband has a season ticket for Liverpool and is a very passionate supporter. It would be impossible not to have that rub off on me and our daughter Daya.”

She has been to a few matches already and it has always been a very friendly and welcoming environment. 

Daya loves seeing the theatre of live football, ranging from the emotions of the fans, the dynamics of the game and the incredible atmosphere when thousands of like minded people get together.

Today, Daya is living the dream of many Liverpool fans who had the same dream when they were younger, to lead out their team in the biggest game of the season. 

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