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Five things discussed at #DWORD2

#DWORD2 a conference on diversity in the sports media
Published: 25 Oct 2016

The second conference on diversity in sports media took place at BT Sports studios, London. Take a look at a few of the main points that came up during the day.

The people who gathered for the #Dword2 conference discussed the diversity within the sports media industry.

It was a chance to speak about finding solutions to bring a more diverse working culture into the industry.

Throughout the workshops, these are the key points which arose:

- The industry needs to build confidence of those who already have jobs, they need to allow them to grow and nurture their talent.

- Diversity is a benefit to a company. It is not a defining factor of an employee. It should not define who the person is.

- There is a mixed opinion on quotas. There may be more room for a diversity charter within organisations.

- Skills are essential for any employee. An employer should nurture the diverse talent once they are already in the company and help them to become multi-skilled.

- There needs to be diversity at all levels within an organisation. From the bottom through to the top, there needs to be an influence at every step.

Leon Mann, founder, opened the conference and spoke about the statistics in the industry.

Hugh Woozencroft, BBC Sport Broadcaster, spoke to the following panel about diversity in the workplace and their experiences.
- Alex Kay-Jelski, The Times, Sports Editor.
- Jonathan Liew, The Telegraph, Sports Writer.
- Maggie Alphonsi, ITV Sport pundit.
- Rodney Hinds, The Voice Newspaper, Sports Editor.
- Sonali Shah, BBC Broadcaster.
- Andy Stevenson, Channel 4, Commissioning Executive.

Jeanette Kwakye
, Sky Sports and BBC Broadcaster, asked the following panel about what’s currently working:
- Lewis Wiltshire, Twitter, Senior Director of Media Partnerships.
- Shelley Alexander, BBC Sport, Editorial Lead on Women’s Sport.
- Andy Stevenson, Channel 4, Commissioning Executive.

Benny Bonsu, BBC World Service Broadcaster, discussed the next generation with the following panel:
- Jamie Hindhaugh, BT Sport, Chief Operating Officer.
- Rioch Edwards-Brown, So You Want To Be On TV, Founder.
- Amar Singh, Squawka, Chief Content Officer.

To close the conference, Jessica Creighton, BBC Sport Broadcaster, went through the top issues of the day with:
- Simon Green, Head of BT Sport.
- Philip Bernie, BBC, Head of TV sport.
- Andy Cairns, Sky Sports News, Executive Editor.
- Stephen Lyle, Channel 4, Commissioning Editor for Sport.

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