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Trump's Election Puts LA 2024 at Risk

Published: 9 Nov 2016

Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid could be at risk following the US presidential election result.

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States.

His unexpected victory leaves the USA in a position of uncertainty going forward.

This includes sports.

Not least Los Angeles bid for the 2024 Olympic games.

With Rome removing their bid recently, LA is seen as the front runner against remaining bids from Paris and Budapest.

However members of the International Olympic Committee have quietly been grumbling about Trump's campaign and no doubt will be keenly watching his presidency.

They do not like his views on NATO and international trade as well as his proposals on US immigration.

An international committee will unsurprisingly be sceptical of a president who will appear very US-centric.

Political science professor Jules Boykoff told the LA Times: "It's a fairytale the IOC tells, this notion that politics and sports don't mix."

The IOC has a history of being strongly influenced by politicians.

You only need to look to the recent past of Olympic bidding.

Tony Blair famously spent two days at an IOC meeting in Singapore in 2005 and helped London's bid overcome the favoured 2012 bid from Paris.

The point being, IOC members can be fickle.

If representatives from either Paris or Budapest can seize upon an opportunity to gain favour from waivering LA supporters then they could well form a bid ready to take LA on.

Paris remains the strongest opposition bid.

It has the potential to use the Olympic games as a platform to grow and recover after being subject to shocking terror attacks in recent years.

Yet even still, a dark horse bid from Budapest could gain momentum if uncertainty is cast over the IOC.

Either way, LA's bid took a step backwards today and the 2024 Olympics are now very much up for grabs.

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