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Is Jamie Vardy 2016 Sports Personality of the Year?

Published: 2 Dec 2016

There is no more fitting a winner for the year of 2016.

When the 16-person shortlist for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year was announced, most people looked at Andy Murray as the stand-out candidate for the award.

With nine calendar titles, Wimbledon trophy, Olympic Gold Medal and to top it off becoming world number one, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t Britain’s greatest sportsman this year, if not ever.

In the 61 years (and counting) that the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award has taken place, there have only been six winners from the world of football, most recently by Ryan Giggs in 2009.

The reason behind this could possibly be that we simply aren’t very good at football in this country, or do we just lack the personalities in the sport?

However, 2016 is the year of the underdog. Leicester City won the Premier League, RB Leipzig sit top of the Bundesliga and Donald Trump even won the US Election.

If you want to see the embodiment of the underdog, look no further than Jamie Vardy. Much has been made of his rise in football, but it is his social impact that I believe makes Vardy the real winner of the award.

Up and down the country, football fans and people who don’t even follow the game at all, know about Jamie Vardy. They know the chant made famous by a 2011 Facebook status.

Chat S***, Get Banged

They know about Vardy’s parties and what the terrace chant suggests they include.

From a non-league striker, to scoring away to the world champions, and in the European Championships, Premier League winner Jamie Vardy is the man of 2016.

Although he hasn’t exactly started the 2016/17 season in as good form, the Vardy Party lives on all over the country.

No longer is it embarrassing to grab a case of Blue WKD from Tesco before a night on the town, with groups of people even choosing Vardy as the subject of their fancy dress costumes.

Vardy himself admitted to drinking port from a Lucozade bottle the night before a game, and having three cans of Red Bull on match-day.

His rise from non-league to England glory is an inspiration to people all over the world and awarding Jamie Vardy the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award is the perfect recognition for 2016’s hero.

Although if the award is to go to the sportsman with the most social impact, then Will Grigg's emission is even more scandalous.

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