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WEST LONDON VARSITY PREVIEW: St Mary's cricket confident of back-to-back wins

St Mary's Indoor Cricket Team
Published: 28 Mar 2017

Back to back West London Varsity wins would cap off a milestone year for St Mary’s Cricket on Wednesday 29th March.

The indoor team has gone from strength to strength, soaring through regional tournaments to finish fifth in the national finals.

However, the West London Varsity is now what matters most.

Captain Cameron Parsons said: “It’s up there as one of the most important events for us.

“To try and help St Mary’s win is up there with anything we do in the league.”

The indoor format is a 10-over, quickfire cricket match.

Teams score one run for hitting the back and side walls, two for actually running, and either four or six for hitting the wall behind the bowler.

Batsmen must retire if they reach 25 runs, though they can return if the rest of the team are bowled out.

St Mary's have dominated in recent years and the rivalry between the two clubs is real, though Parsons stressed it is all in good faith.

He said: “I don’t think there is bad blood.”

Jokingly adding: “Well maybe from last year when we won in half an hour, they will more than likely want to forget that.”

However, recent fighting between Brighton and Sussex students has brought fresh scrutiny on varsity tournaments and the West London Varsity will be closely watched.

Parsons said that, though there is hostility between the universities, it is generally well controlled and rarely exceeds anything verbal.

Most tensions are between the fans, many of whom spend the day drinking and supporting their clubs.

Parsons said of the on-field rivalry: “Obviously sometimes within the sports it boils over but I think its normally controlled as much as it can be.”

No matter what happens off field though, the cricket club are focused on getting the day started the right way for St Mary’s.

The 2nd team cricket match opens the West London Varsity at 8.30am, with the 1st team match following at 9.30am with both matches in the Sports Hall so make sure you get down and give them your full support!

If you can't make it, we'll be bringing Varsity to you with our live blog on the day! Check out the Sports Gazette for the latest on Varsity!

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