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WEST LONDON VARSITY PREVIEW: St. Mary's v Brunel- What to expect

Published: 28 Mar 2017

It's finally here! The West London Varsity will be hosted by Brunel on Wednesday 29th March. As we countdown the final hours, Sports Gazette anticipates the events of the day.

West London Varsity is one that's making new history.

Whether it's out on the football pitch or on the fencing piste, there's always something going on- all in the space of 24 hours!

We also spoke to Sam Cliffe, Vice President Sports and Societies for St. Mary's, and asked him for his top five fixtures to look out for on the day.

1) Fencing, Exercise Studio, 1pm

"St Marys have six very high quality fencers, so this should be a great match-up."

2) Rugby League, Cemetary Pitch, 2pm

"After the year rugby league has had with their bronze medal in the National Trophy 9s, they want to finish on a high."

3) Rugby Union men's, Cemetary Pitch, 4pm

"St Marys last lost a West London Varsity match to Brunel two years ago, so they'll be fighting to keep their run going."

4) Football men's 1s, Centre Pitch, 6pm

"It’s the last fixture of the day and will be a very tight game. We lost to Brunel 3-0 a few weeks ago but beat them 3-1 earlier in the season."

5) Football women's 1s, Centre Pitch, 3pm

"The women's team are yet to win a game this season so they are hungry to win this one. Brunel are a few leagues below, playing in the same league as St Mary's women's 2nd team."

Sam also issued a rallying call to all St. Mary's teams that are competing at Varsity, as the University look to retain the trophy after last year's victory.

"St. Mary's has the perfect opportunity to win this competition for the first time away from home, following on from the successes we've already enjoyed this season!

"Let's go St. Mary's! This trophy is ours, let's keep it that way!" he said.  

Sports Gazette will be in the thick of the action throughout the day as the two fierce rivals meet once again, and will be running a live blog to keep you abreast of all the results. Be sure to check back throughout the day for our reports and analysis!

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