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10 Worst Home Kits in English League Football History

Published: 27 Apr 2017

It's Football Shirt Friday which means around the country people will be paying £2 to wear their football shirts into work to raise money for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.

Bobby Moore was just 51 years old when he died to bowel cancer and since his widow Stephanie Moore MBE set up the Bobby Moore Fund over £23.5m has been raised for research.

Since 2013, thousands of pounds have been raised thanks to Football Shirt Friday and to mark the fifth year, Sports Gazette looks at 10 of the worst home kits to have been worn by teams in the top four leagues in England.

10. Carlisle United/Gillingham/Peterborough United/Walsall 1990-91

We start off with a design in the 1990/91 season utilised by three clubs. For some reason Ribero Sportswear (yeah, me neither) thought it was a great idea to introduce a tyre mark to their kits for Carlisle, Gillingham, Peterborough and Walsall. Thankfully, the design only lasted a season as Ribero and the clubs opted for more natural kits.

9. Blackpool 1989-90

When you choose orange/tangerine to be your club's prominent kit colour, you're always asking for trouble so there's no surprise a Blackpool kit has made the list. Employing different shades of orange, this particular kit looks like it was inspired by the tiles on someone's nan's kitchen floor.

8. Birmingham City 1992-93 

What are they? And why is the Birmingham badge different colours? No doubt some of the questions asked when the Blues brought out this number under the Kumar brothers who, believe it or not, owned a clothing chain.

7. Carlisle United 1993-95

The poor fans of Carlisle, who have had to deal with two kits bad enough to be on this list. Similar to the Birmingham kit, the first thought that comes to mind is to ask what it's supposed to be. Answers on a postcard please.

6. Burnley 1991-93

Are they... Are they pipes? Not only is Burnley's possible homage to plumbing ugly, the fact that it extends to the shoulders and sleeves makes it that bit worse. That the fans had to deal with it for two seasons too, just adds to the disgust.

5. Coventry City 1992-93

A similar design to Burnley's, the sheer brightness of Coventry's kit adds to its bad factor. The slight difference in colour somehow doesn't make the pattern any less subtle and in fact makes it harder on the eyes. Like a pixelated image of the sky.

4. Doncaster Rovers 1992-94

What was wrong with normal hoops? Doncaster's attempt at trying to modernise a fool-proof kit design does not come off well. Instead of looking trendy, it looks like something a you would produce when playing around with picture editing software for the first time - and I speak from experience.

3. Shrewsbury Town 1992-93

Known as the 'scrambled egg' shirt, this monstrosity from Shrewsbury somehow warranted a comeback to the club shop in 2016 and is even listed as a top seller. The demand for horrible shirts by footballing hipsters must be high.

2. Hull City 1993-94

Now everybody knows that Hull are the Tigers, but there is a line with the links. And this shirt crossed it. In 1992-93, Hull debuted a horrible tiger shirt but the following year somehow managed to make it even worse, adding smaller and more stripes. But, it was only bad enough for number two on the list.

1. Norwich City 1992-94

Yellow and green. They really don't go together as much as Norwich would hope but a lot of their kits have passed as average. This one, definitely did not. Mixing green and yellow, and some white, in a camouflage-type pattern is very hard on the eyes and the only winner for any worst-kit competition.

You can find out more about Football Shirt Friday and the Bobby Moore Fund by clicking this link.

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