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Man City and Bugatti- which cars represent Premier League 16/17 teams?

Published: 4 May 2017

Once again the Premier League is drawing to a close and it has moved at speed! There are many motor-mouths in the top division, but how do the teams’ seasons compare to the most popular cars? Sports Gazette takes a look.

1. Chelsea- McClaren P1

Quite simply in a league of their own. A car powered by a mid-mounted twin turbo engine- just as midfield PFA Player of the Year N’Golo Kante does for the Blues.

2. Tottenham Hotspur- Alfa Romeo 4C

A fast car for a fast team. The stats show they’re both high quality but are yet to build a reputation as contenders for top prizes. Classically second-placed.

3. Liverpool- Jaguar E-Type

Just like the Reds, the ‘Jaaag’ has a lot of history. It may not pack the same punch but both have a real elegance in their pace.

4. Manchester City- Bugatti Veyron

Only a hypercar budget would fit! Yet this car fits a team which is still carrying a lot of weight. Needs a lot of space to really get going.

5. Manchester United- Bentley Continental

Most of the team drive one of these. Fits the big budget but always a little lethargic and never able to get any consistent form.

6. Arsenal- Toyota Prius

Both had methods which were revolutionary in the early Noughties but both have now been figured out.

7. Everton- Mercedes G-Class

Big muscles can be found at both ends of car and team. Worth a lot more money in parts though.

8. West Bromwich Albion- Vauxhall Astra

A reliable car for a reliable team- seems like they’ve both been around forever! Slipped under the radar slightly with improvements.

9. Southampton- VW Golf GTI

It doesn’t matter how many times they are recreated, they just keep performing brilliantly and, if we’re being honest, above expectation!

10. Bournemouth- Mini Cooper

Have a recent history of performing beyond expectation. Surely everyone’s second-favourite car and team?

11. Leicester- Delorean DMC-12

One-hit wonders. Both evoke wonderful memories of how they once showed the world how it’s really done, but memories they remain.

12. Stoke- Ford Focus

Both can be trusted to finish their task strongly. From a school run to a rainy night at the Bet 365 Stadium, there are no surprises here.

13. Watford- Fiat 500L

Another example of overshadowing. Both have size on their side but lack power. Plus, they’re both Italian-owned.

14. Burnley- (almost) Any electric car

They’re super at home but there’s little hope if you try to take them on the road!

15. West Ham United- Renault Kadjar

Perhaps the most fitting match. A team that’s tried a crossover to a new stadium but not got off to the best of starts- ditto Renault.

16. Crystal Palace- BMW 4-Series

With a combination of pace and power, they’ve got the sporting look. Finally making maximum use of the resources available.

17. Hull- Austin Princess

Despite initial success, omnipresent questions of quality and reliability have eroded at the reputation of both.

18. Swansea- Toyota Yaris

Trying to retain performances from the ‘good ol’ days’ of recent times but neither are the same as they used to be.

19. Middlesbrough- Robin Reliant

Let’s be honest: there’s always been something missing about these two! Never quite had the connection upfront and always bound to fall over.

20. Sunderland- Harley Davidson

This is the easiest choice- just anything that isn’t a car! Always in the wrong league from the very start.

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This information was accurate at the time of publishing.

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