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GE 2017: Most Googled Questions So Far

Published: 9 May 2017

Three weeks into general election campaigning, Sports Gazette is taking a break from sports to look at the most Googled questions facing each party so far.


Kicking off with the front runners in the polls, the Conservatives aren't facing anything too far-flung in their top queries.

However, anger over the so-called 'rape clause' is clearly an issue people are passionate about. The clause demands victims prove they have been raped to continue claiming child tax credits.


Corbyn's crew are facing an uphill battle against the Conservatives but they can take some solace in their Google searches.

Again nothing is too out of the ordinary here (though 'is Labour left-wing' might be worrying).

What is striking though is that they are by far the most searched party, with 35% of the total searches. This is well ahead of both the Liberal Democrats (21%), and the Conservatives (18%).

Obviously, internet searches are no indication of voting intention, though online exposure is certainly on their side.

Liberal Democrats

The searches for the Liberal Democrats so far suggest many might not have pinned down their opinions of them yet.

Who is their leader? What do they stand for? Tim Farron will be hoping these questions become far less common.


The SNP, unsurprisingly, are dominating searches in Scotland with a whopping 58% of Scottish searches.

Nothing crazy here, though, 'what has the SNP done for us?', sounds like a good highlands spin-off of a Monty Python sketch.


After tough local elections, there are some worrying searches for UKIP.

What is UKIP? What does UKIP stand for? Who is their leader? Not great indicators of a party on message. Perhaps UKIP are struggling for a new identity after their success with Brexit.


Similarly to UKIP, the Green party are facing more questions of identity than anything else.

Interestingly, the first question on Brexit to make any of these lists.

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