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Hannah Bailey: skating, schools and Tokyo

Published: 1 Jun 2017

Alys Bowen spoke to Hannah Bailey who won Photographer/Filmmaker of the Year at the Women's Sport Trust Awards

The Women's Sport Trust hosted their annual Be a Game Changer awards and it revealed that the leaps and bounds that women’s sport has made in the last year. It showed that the promoters and supporters of women's sport are no longer justifiers, but amplifiers.

The world has turned through several revolutions since Jo Bostock and Tammy Parlour sat around their kitchen table and dreamt up the idea of setting up the Women’s Sport Trust. However, even they could not have thought women’s sport would have thrived and reached the levels it has in such a short time.

Sometimes you need that external validation and what better place to get it than an award from The Womens Sport Trust.

The climax of their latest #BeAGameChanger campaign was the perfect occasion to honour and recognise those who dedicate their lives to encouraging and inspiring others.

Hannah Bailey is one of the people who has dedicated her life to inspiring others. Bailey was a new face to many and pleasantly surprised most to win the Photographer/Filmmaker category.

Her work photographing female skateboarders has created a whole new group of role models that exist in action sports and adventure.  

She said: "I am absolutely honoured to be hear first of all and even more to be a finalist.  I have been pushing for women's sport to get into action sports in particular skateboarding."

Its been the most welcoming thing to be invited into the skateboarding world."

Through her work Bailey hopes to produce an example of positive media for women and girls to live by.

Bailey promotes female participation and education through skateboarding and she now works with the charity Skateistan, whose remit is to encourage children through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, where 50 per cent of their students are girls.

She travels to their skate schools aiming to empower young girls to have confidence in themselves and create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

The inclusion of skateboarding in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will give the sport a huge boost. She said: “It’s a real positive thing because it’s not often there is a competitive platform for women’s skateboarding. But the scene is growing and growing; it’s been the fastest growing demographic of action sports over the last few years."

The Olympics are going to provide that platform and from that there will be more money for athletes and sponsorships. It takes something like the Olympics to make that happen.”

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