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Queensberry Promotions vs Matchroom Sport - A Google Trends Fight For The Ages

Published: 2 Jun 2017

For most boxers, it can take time to become a 'celebrity' outside the boxing circle. But for some, it can be even harder to be known outside of the most hardcore local boxing fans.

Unless you're an Olympian and touted as best thing to come out of Britain since William Shakespeare, it takes a lot of graft and luck to make your name in the game.

One of the earliest decisions/ opportunities that can help frame your popularity is the promotion you sign with.

In Britain, the two biggest promotions are Matchroom Sport owned by Barry and Eddie Hearn, and Queensberry Promotions owned by Frank Warren.

Eddie Hearn vs Frank Warren

Arguably the biggest non-boxing contest in boxing, the Hearns and Warren have fought for dominance in the sport for years. 

Despite his young age, Eddie Hearn has carried Matchroom up the ladder to be the best and most popular boxing promotion in the UK based on Google searches over the past 12 months.

That rise in popularity has been helped, no doubt, by Matchroom's partnership with Sky - meaning all of their shows are available to those with the Sky Sports package.

One the other hand, Warren's shows are shown on pay-per-view channel BoxNation, and more recently BT Sport, meaning that his fighters are only seen by the hardcore boxing fans who wish to pay more solely for boxing content.

Sam Eggington vs Bradley Skeete

One of the best examples showing how the two promotions can affect a boxer's popularity is the difference between Sam Eggington and Bradley Skeete.

The two met in March 2016 to contest for Eggington's British welterweight title, which Skeete comfortably won flying the flag for Warren and BoxNation live on Sky Sports.

Since then, Eggington's search numbers have continued to spike with his fights being part of big cards shown on Sky and has stayed above Skeete for the majority of their careers.

But for Skeete, stuck on BoxNation, his only two search spikes remain his fights against Eggington and a loss to well-known boxer Frankie Gavin in 2014.

Matchroom vs Queensberry

The final contest is a no-contest between searches for the two promotions. While Matchroom Sport dominates the searches, Queensberry Promotions struggles to reach more than one search a week over the past 12 months.

This is mostly due to people searching for Frank Warren rather than Queensberry Promotions as the owner's name is prominent in everything to do with the promotion.

Winner: Matchroom Sport by unanimous decision

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