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AS IT HAPPENED: Bradley Skeete v Shayne Singleton

Published: 2 Jun 2017

British welterweight champion Bradley Skeete retained his title after a fifth-round stoppage win against Shayne Singleton

22:00 Though the boxing continues, Sports Gazette's live coverage of Bradley Skeete v Shayne Singleton ends here.

Not a world-class performance from Skeete but he did himself no harm with the way he stopped his opponent. Up next? Dale Evans - a fight which the British Boxing Board of Control have ruled must take place before September. And if Skeete gets his way, we'll only have to wait a month. Thanks for joining us here, keep an eye out for our match report later this evening.

21:55 An Essex derby will close the night in Brentwood

Despite the showcase focussing on Skeete v Singleton, there was no contest for the biggest fight of the night for the locals. Ending the show is a fight between Lee Markham and Joe Mullender for the English middleweight title.

21:51 "He wants to win it outright"

Skeete: "One more defence, the board have made Dale Evans mandatory. I want to win this belt outright and move on to bigger and better things."

21:49 "I am a world class fighter"

Bradley Skeete: "All the criticism from the start of my career, I've taken it on board. I get a lot of criticism on social media, before the fight I said I was world class, I got a text from Adam Booth earlier saying I am a world-class fighter."


Some taunting from Singleton on the bell has Skeete looking for the finish and he's got it! The referee has stopped the fight after 15 seconds of the fifth round and Bradley Skeete retains his British welterweight title after what looked like it could be a long night for the Londoner.


Skeete now looks as if he's going for the kill but Singleton has come out fighting with a good combination! Both need to be careful they don't commit too much and lose the fight. Singleton goes for a big swing and a miss and is lucky Skeete can't connect with his counter. The Manchester boxer has forced a timeout for use of heads with Skeete constantly trying to wind his opponent up and some heavy punches from Skeete has Singleton down again! Once again he's saved by the bell!

21:36 Round 3 - SINGLETON IS DOWN!

Singleton's face is starting to show some swelling from a few Skeete shots but nothing too worrying so far for the Manchester boxer. Singleton again showing more skill than some expected from him going into the fight and if Skeete felt this was going to be a walkover, he will know he's in a fight now as Singleton continues to look strong but Skeete downs him on the bell!

21:32 Round 2 - Singleton edges further ahead

Singleton is getting himself ahead in the opening rounds, worrying Skeete with some good shots but Skeete is landing more shots towards the end of the round. Neither boxer has made any lasting damage on their opponent though. The commentators have Singleton two rounds up so far.

21:27 Round 1 - Singleton takes the first round

A slow start to the first round as both boxers size each other up, testing their punches. Singleton is trying to work the body as Skeete picks off some shots, trying to use his height to his advantage.

21:24 Let's get ready to rumble!

The boxers have been introduced and referee Marcus McDonnell has given his instructions. Eight months of trash-talking has come down to this. The British welterweight title fight is underway.

 21:21 Time for the co-main event

Both boxers are now in the ring and we are just seconds away from the start of Bradley Skeete vs Shayne Singleton!

21:18 Moving on up

Bradley Skeete has kept his focus on winning the British title outright before moving on to the world stage:

21:14 No contest

On the undercard, we've just witnessed Boy Jones Jr beat Andisi Didzus after just 1:52 minutes of the first round.

Elsewhere on the card there were wins for Naylor Ball, Charlie Duffield, DP Carr, Harley Benn and Lewis Pettitt.

21:10 Two different paths

As previously mentioned, Skeete won this fight by beating Sam Eggington in Birmingham last March. Eggington has since gone on to become EBU welterweight and WBC International welterweight champion.

Their differing paths have been analysed further in this article utilising the Google Trends tool: 

'Since then, Eggington's search numbers have continued to spike with his fights being part of big cards shown on Sky and has stayed above Skeete for the majority of their careers.'

21:00 Bad blood

The beef between the two culminated at the weigh-in yesterday, which resulted in a foul-mouthed argument between both the boxers and their respective camps.

Warning: This clip contains strong language.

20:50 Social media showdowns

The postponements of the fight has led to some bad blood between the two boxers and fans on Twitter as both camps grew angsty about the constant changing of the dates.

20:40 Fifth time lucky

This is in fact the fifth date for the fight between these two, with the original date having been scheduled for October 2016 as Skeeteโ€™s first title defence.

But that date was put back to November, before Singleton injured himself in a fight against Lithuanian Evaldas Korsakas.

Both fighters were then messed around with dates in May but now they will finally get their hands on each other.

20:30 Hello and welcome to Sports Gazette's coverage of the British welterweight title fight between Bradley Skeete and Shayne Singleton at the Brentwood Centre, Essex.

This is Skeete's second defence of the Lonsdale belt having successfully defending against John Thain in November 2016, eight months after he beat Sam Eggington in March 2016 to win the belt.

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