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Why has there been a rise in exposure for head injuries in sport?

Rugby is one of the sports coming under scrutiny
Published: 5 Jun 2017

Sports Gazette spoke to Dr. Conor Gissane, an expert on head injuries, about the increased awareness that is being given to concussions in sport.

Over the past year or so, the subject of head injuries has made it's way to the forefront of sport. 

As sport science and technology advances, both the short-term and long-term damage caused by head injuries is now starker than ever.

Sports such as rugby and American football - games which regularly see heavy collisions and countless concussions - are now feeling the effects of this as the burden on players is becoming fully realised.

Boxing is the sport that may have been hit hardest, through the death of Mike Towell and long-term injuries to Nick Blackwell and Eduard Gutknecht.

Even football, a sport that does not see too many obvious head injuries, has been dragged into the surrounding debate after UEFA announced funding for a research project into the links between repetitive heading and dementia. 

In order to understand this phenomenon, Sports Gazette spoke to Dr. Conor Gissane, a concussion expert, to discuss the changes that have led to this phenomenon, and the steps that are being taken to improve our understanding of this complex issue. Watch the video here:

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