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A real life Cinderella story

Published: 9 Apr 2017

The FA Cup received a much needed boost from non-league side Sutton United.

 The FA Cup is dying, or so they say.

If you have seen any English football match in the past five years, you would know that the narrative is that the FA Cup is not nearly what it once was.

Whether this assessment is true or not, the magical run that Sutton United made in the 2017 version of English football’s greatest tournament cannot be ignored.

No matter what the pundits may say, it put the FA Cup back on the map. The scenes from around Gander Green Lane and the support for Sutton rivaled those of a Premier League game.

The FA Cup shows major similarities to the United States most popular tournament, the NCAA basketball championship. The similarities between Sutton and small school who go on tournament runs are striking.

The FA Cup may never quite be the same as it was in it’s heyday, but so long as there are still quality teams and major upsets, it will still be relevant. Just look at what it did in Sutton.

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