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Sunday league stardom

Palmers FC get ready for a match
Published: 9 Jun 2017

Football has met the internet to produce an unlikely cult following.

Three years ago, a Sunday league football team from Greys, Essex by the name of Palmers FC started uploading their games on YouTube.  

Fast forward to 2017, where Palmers FC and have nearly 200,000 subscribers and almost 35 million video views.

It may seem strange that a Sunday league team from Essex have gained such an immense following, especially when you consider they are an amature football team. However there is a certain accessibility to the team that cannot be achieved with Premier League squads.

Founder of Palmers FC Matt “Smiv” Smith, who is also in charge of the YouTube channel, offered up an explanation of why he thinks Palmers are as popular as they are.

Not only has the YouTube channel taken off, but Palmers players like Dan Smith have seen their popularity grow in everyday life as well as they are now being recognised on the streets.

The channel does a lot more than simply post Sunday league football videos. Smiv has since expanded his channel to include betting content as well as highlight lower league football in his new series “On The Road.”

Palmers have also used their popularity on the internet to good use by putting on charity football matches to raise money for various causes.

All of Smiv’s hard work has paid off as he recently won the judges choice for the best video football blog at the 2016 Football Blogging Awards.

The team has also inspired other popular YouTubers such as ChrisMD, SpencerFC, and Manny to start their own Sunday league content.

The popularity was unexpected, but Smiv, and Palmers still seem like the same, grounded group of friends that they were three years ago.

It is unknonwn what the future will hold for Palmers and other Sunday league teams who post their matches on YouTube, however one thing is for certain. They will always be a group of close friends paying the game they love.

Just with a few hundred thousand supporters.

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