Ex-NBA Commissioner: Remove Marijuana Ban

Former NBA commissioner David Stern has agreed to the idea that the league should remove marijuana from the list of banned substances. Stern recently sat down with former NBA player Al Harrington, who has become an entrepreneur on the medical marijuana field, and discussed the role that marijuana has in the

Don’t Crack Podcast: Episode 2 – Why Kneel?

In the second addition of the Don't Crack Podcast, Adam Samuel and Aramide Oladipo discuss the controversy surrounding the NFL kneeling movement, and it's deeper connotations. We were joined for this episode by Sports Gazette colleague Louis Olvera, who provided a view from within. LISTEN TO PODCAST BELOW: https://soundcloud.com/user-303248527/dont-crack-podcast-episode-2 Adam Bio Adam Samuel is

NBA All-Star Game changing format

The 2018 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Feb. 18th is getting a Hollywood makeover. Due to the criticism that last year's game got after the no-defense dunk fest in New Orleans, the NBA decided to make a change. The NBA is saying goodbye to the classic All-Star game format