Pier Pressure: Football fans with a difference

We get a bad rap don’t we, us football fans?  We’re all skinhead, racist, yobs if you ask a certain part of society, but the majority of those on the terraces week in week out will happily disprove that myth.  As is so often the case, the good news stories often get

Gary Hunt: A man at the height of his powers

You walk forward. Stop. You close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And another. Visualise. Another breath. Your mind a whirlwind of thought. Go. Jump. Do it.  You do it, you jump, from twenty seven metres in the air, down into the dark blue abyss below. Squeezing three perfectly executed flips

An ode to Griffin Park

They’re going to miss it when it goes. The rows of terraced housing penning it in, the compactness, the stanchions, the tightness to the pitch. The history, the tales, the four pubs. Griffin Park - they’re going to miss it when it goes.  These four stands will be etched in the

Adam Johnson deserves a second chance

A year ago this month Justice Secretary David Gauke delivered his first talk on prison reform. In his definition of the purpose of prison he listed three things: Protection of the public. Punishment, and rehabilitation.  Last night former Premier League footballer Adam Johnson got released from HMP Moorland in Doncaster in the

Could this be the end of Wigan’s Super League power?

What a difference a year makes.  When these Wigan Warriors travelled to Warrington Wolves at the start of the 2018 Super League season, the boot was firmly on the other foot. The Warriors were unbeaten and the Wolves had lost their first two games, and struggling to get their season going.  This

“I had friends that were terrified for me coming out in football” — Sophie Cook: The first trans-woman in the Premier League

Sophie Cook was 12 years old the first time she tried to end her life.  In a time before social media and where Pride events were in their infancy, she lived a life of isolation and confusion over her gender-identity. After realising she was transgender at the age of seven, it took

Beer bellies, bad boots and fist fights – A day at Hackney Marshes

View the Hackney Marshes photo gallery above It hits you the second you step foot on Hackney Marshes. The smell. The wafts of freshly churned mud from a no-nonsense tackle, meandering up your nostrils and transporting you back to your youth. You’re an 11-year-old again, when nothing else mattered apart from football. The days