Is the International Swimming League what the sport needs?

For a sport that boasts some of the highest participation levels around the world, swimming’s attempt to claim their part of the sporting market has been pretty abysmal. Although swimming’s two major competitions, the Olympic Games and the biannual FINA World Aquatic Championships pull in huge viewership figures, very little had

Energy Standard Confident Ahead of ISL London Showdown

Authors: Muireann Duffy and Flavia Festa Energy Standard captain Chad Le Clos is hopeful that his team can see themselves through the ISL European derby this weekend in London. “We’re pretty confident, but we’re taking nothing for granted,” said Le Clos at the ISL’s press conference, with his team currently sitting top

“It was seen as a bit freakish, and it wasn’t for women” Gary Street on rugby fever extending to the women’s game

Harlequin women’s joint head-coach, Gary Street has seen the landscape of rugby change dramatically.  With 27 years of experience in the women’s game, he’s seen the sport transition from the days when it was an anomaly, to what it is now, focused on ability rather than gender. “Probably one of the biggest

International Swimming League Causing Waves In The Sport

The Olympics and swimming owe each other a great deal. At every Olympic Games, swimming pulls in some of the highest viewing figures, while the Games have given the sport a platform that the international swimming body FINA has been unable to do for itself.  Swimming’s falling off the radar beyond