Bull Fighting: A symbol of modern Spain

The Plaza de Toros in Madrid has been the home of Spanish bullfighting since 1929. For many Spaniards, the great beauty of the imposing building is matched on the sands of its arena, implicit in the interactions between bull and man. The tradition of pitting humans against animals in deadly combat

Inside the unusual sport of gurning

There are many unusual sports throughout the world and gurning is certainly right up there with the best of them. We spoke to Callum Scott, the chairman of the World Gurning Championships held annually in Egremont in Cumbria to find out more about it. The etymology of the word “gurn” is

The truth behind England’s Nazi salute

It is an image that, in retrospect, seems intuitively abhorrent. An extraordinary political concession. After all, a team these days would never be seen singing the opponent’s national anthem let alone seemingly endorsing their politics. However, before this image of England’s football team saluting the Nazi regime in 1938 is used

Weight cutting: the most dangerous part of combat sports?

The dangers of boxing and mixed martial arts were thrown once again into sharp relief this week following the death of 31-year-old British boxer Scott Westgarth following head trauma sustained in the ring. But another more overlooked source of danger to fighters is the practice of weight cutting. This process involves

Meet Tina Cockhill: 50 years old and cycling for Great Britain

The prospect of representing Great Britain in a given sport seems illusory for the vast majority of people, especially once one’s teenage years or early twenties are over. However, cycling provides those who thought the prospects of achieving such an honour were long past with a special opportunity. The UCI (Union

Recent criticism of poppies and sport misses the point

poppy fields

Jonathan Liew wrote of the “tedious poppy circus” recently in the Independent. He argued that the various annual remembrance rituals, at sporting events and more widely, have become for many people a self-conscious show. The BBC also ran a piece asking if the core message of the poppy appeal had