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Formula One Uncovered: Countdown to season 2018

The countdown to the 2018 Formula One season has officially started, with both Haas and Williams revealing their new cars this week. The sport has slowly begun coming out of hibernation revealing more and more pieces of information about this season. 

While we’ve been kept in the dark over the past few months, the teams were working hard as ever to prepare for the start of the season on 25 March at the Australian Grand Prix.

During those long eight months of a Formula One season it is mainly down to the drivers to make the most out of their car’s performance. Yet, in December the switch turns: As Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and C.o. go off on holidays, their mechanics and engineers get back to the factories and work their wonders.

The Renault Sport factory is based in Enstone, 70 miles from London

But what exactly is going on behind closed doors while Formula One fans are counting down to the moment when Sundays regain meaning?

Ena Bilobrk had the chance to visit Renault Sport Formula One Team in Enstone at the end of the 2017 season where preparations were already underway for 2018. There, she spoke to Team Manager Paul Seaby and Chief Technical Officer Bob Bell, who are confident that the new season will be one to remember.


Ena Bilobrk
Ena was born in Munich to a Croatian family and currently freelances for BBC Radio London while doing an MA in sports journalism at St Mary's University Twickenham. The 23-year-old holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Westminster and has written for Dalmatinski Portal, a Croatian news website, worked for Sky Sport Bundesliga and Bayern Munich Basketball in Germany. During work placement with Sky Sports News in England, she translated Jürgen Klopp’s first interview as Liverpool manager - initially in German - making Sky the quickest media outlet to have his managerial words in English. Ena covered a ranged of sports events from ATP finals, Race of Champions to Formula One pre-season testing in Barcelona.
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