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NBA Player’s give their opinion on LeBron James’ free agency

Posted on 22 February 2018 by Louis Olvera

On Monday morning, ESPN released a poll that it had done with 48 anonymous players from 12 different teams. One major topic was LeBron James’ future after the 2018 season if he decides to opt out of the final year of his contract and become a free agent. Here are the most intriguing answers that analyst Scoop Jackson found about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star player: 

(Not all athletes answered every question.)


Where will LeBron James sign in the offseason?


Cleveland Cavaliers: 59 percent 

Los Angeles Lakers: 22 percent

Miami Heat: 7 percent 

Other: 12 percent 

Others gaining votes: Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, “Not the Cavs” 

One Eastern Conference forward said: “He won’t leave after all the moves they made last week.”  

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Where should LeBron James sign next season?


Cleveland Cavaliers: 66 percent

Miami Heat: 8 percent 

Los Angeles Lakers: 8 percent 

Other: 18 percent 

Others gaining votes: New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, “No team in the West” 


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Which coach do you think LeBron James should pair up with? 


Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs): 46 percent

Tyronn Lue (Cleveland Cavaliers): 18 percent 

Other: 36 percent 

One Eastern Conference centre said: “I think LeBron should be a player-coach.” 


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Which player do you think LeBron James should pair up with?


Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks): 12 percent 

Chris Paul (Houston Rockets): 12 percent 

Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat): 12 percent 

Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder): 9 percent

James Harden (Houston Rockets): 9 percent 

Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs): 9 percent

Other: 37 percent


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Which rumored team should LeBron James NOT sign with? 


Philadelphia 76ers: 31 percent 

Golden State Warriors: 28 percent 

Los Angeles Lakers: 16 percent 

Houston Rockets: 16 percent 

Other: 9 percent 

Others gaining votes: Los Angeles Clippers, Spurs, Washington Wizards

One Western Conference centre said: “LeBron is a competitor. He’s the type of guy who comes in and lays his hat on the line every night. if he went to Golden State, that would cut his competitive edge out. It would take something away from the type of player that he really is.”


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Do you think the Ball family in L.A. is a deterrent for LeBron James signing with the Lakers? 


Yes: 11 percent

No: 89 percent

One Eastern Conference player said: “If LeBron comes to L.A., then it’s the LeBron show. Not the Ball show.” 


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If LeBron James does leave, what do you think would be the main reason why?


Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert: 29 percent

The roster is too weak to beat the Warriors: 27 percent

Not enough branding opportunity: 10 percent

Other: 34 percent

Others gaining votes: Looking for something new; trying to win a championship; he’s too old; “I mean, it’s Cleveland.” 


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