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“Now that I’ve had that feeling, I know how much I don’t want it in this next fight” — Pro boxer Kirk Garvey prepares to fight Miles Shinkwin for the English light-heavyweight title

Light-heavyweight Kirk Garvey is aiming to bounce back from the disappointment of losing a Southern Area title challenge when he fights for the English title against the experienced Miles Shinkwin on March 2nd.

Garvey was outpointed by Andre Sterling last November at the iconic York Hall, Bethnal Green, and returns to the same venue next month with nothing but victory on his mind.

He said: “So now that I have had that feeling so fresh, I know how much I do not want that feeling in this next fight.”

When it comes to Garvey’s mindset for his next fight, he isn’t wasting that energy on worrying about his opponent.

“My fitness is good, I feel like the shots that I’m looking to land, and how I’m planning to move is all coming together nicely. He is just someone that is going to be there on the day, and I have to turn up and beat him.”

Garvey’s passion for boxing started when he was five years old playing around in the ring with his brother, but it wasn’t until he started winning titles that the boxer from Vauxhall started taking the sport seriously. Now the 28-year-old has been boxing professionally for the past four years while working boxing gyms.

With the fight around the corner, Garvey has been getting advice from those close to him in order to be the best he can be. His trainer, Adam Martin, gives him advice outside the ring while his brother, Rob, gives him advice through sparring.

According to Garvey, his brother has been in around 200 fights, which is why he sees his brother not only as his number one fan, but his hardest critic.

This match-up will not only give Garvey a chance at accomplishing his goal, but to bounce back from his previous loss. In November, Garvey walked away after losing to the undefeated Andre Sterling for the Southern Area light-heavyweight title. Now, he is using that feeling to fuel his motivation to accomplish his goal.

Eventually, Garvey says that he wants to become the British world champion, but for now he is just focusing on beating Shinkwin.

Spectators will show up at York Hall in Benethnal Green to see not only who will win the light heavyweight title, but who will advance and go up against Dec Spelman.

Featured Photograph/Kirk Garvey

Photo Credit: Simon Annand

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