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QPR vs Brentford preview: Frank praises Warburton as two clubs brace up for West London derby

Posted on 25 October 2019 by Kiran Tom Sajan

Brentford FC manager Thomas Frank praised his QPR counterpart Mark Warburton ahead of the West London derby at Loftus Road on Monday.

The former Brentford manager, who helped them get promoted to the Championship in 2014 and almost to the Premier League in the subsequent season, had fallen out of favour with the fans after he took up the managerial role at QPR.

But Frank said the Bees have to look at the good job Warburton did for Brentford.

“Our fans don’t like him that much because he went to QPR. But he got us promoted and he got us into playoffs. I can only praise him for that,” he said.

“He has done a good job at QPR. The so-called experts did not fancy them at the start of the season. But now they are in the top side of the table. Mark is a good and experienced coach.

“The way QPR play, they look typically like a Mark team. But we are looking forward to face them. We like to play expansive football. Hopefully it’s going to be a very enjoyable game and a win for us,” Frank added.

Both Brentford and QPR have been playing quite entertaining football in the past few games.

“It will be a really interesting game. I will take a 3-4 in our favour,” he chuckled.

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Keeping up the momentum

Frank said it is important that his players know just how important the derby game is.

“When they step on the pitch, they will know the atmosphere from the first second. We hope we will have a sellout at the away end and it means everything to us. We know QPR are potentially our biggest rivals in terms of history, so keeping the momentum with another win means everything for us,” Frank said.

Currently 12th in the table, the manager said his boys deserve more than that based on their performances.

“Getting three points against Millwall under tough circumstances was great. And winning away at Swansea, a very difficult place to play, was impressive. I think the boys are working very hard and the performances we put into our games have been good, sometimes great. If we keep doing it, there is a bigger chance to win more games,” he said.

Match details

QPR (5th) vs Brentford (12th) at Loftus Road

Time: 8.45pm on Monday (28 Oct 2019)