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Red Bull Timelaps: A different kind of winter time celebrations

Posted on 1 November 2017 by Ena Bilobrk

As summer shifted to winter, Windsor Great Park became temporary home for 600 cyclists. Those brave men and women rode on for 25 hours as the clocks went back from 28th – 29th of October making Red Bull Timelaps the world’s longest one-day cycling event.

150 teams of four took up the battle with time, endurance and the limits of human resilience forcing their bodies to bear as many laps as possible until the final round shortly before 12am on the following day.

The riders had to face the unknown of the darkness where deer and other rightful inhabitants of the Royal park were watching as they made their laps through the woods.

As the clocks went back, the TAG Heuer Power Hour was activated where riders took on a shorter course – their laps counting double.

Riders were competing in four different categories – male, female, mixed and U25 – and the overall winning team managed to squeeze 122 laps into 24:53:03 hours.

Sounds crazy? Take a look at the highlights: