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Rugby gives kids a second chance in West London

Posted on 2 July 2021 by Lukas Flottmeyer

Every year, more than 400.000 pupils get expelled from school in the UK. Where schools reach their limit to provide the needed support, projects and foundations come in to give these kids a second chance in life.

In London’s West, Rugby Turnover works with kids who aren’t in education, education refusers or at risk of expulsion from mainstream education.

Their goal: Restore, Rebuild, Restart.

Through the values of Rugby Union learn the kids to deal with setbacks, how to handle future disputes, and how to get back on track. We visited the Feltham project to look over their shoulders.

You need support or know someone who needs support? Reach out to Project Turnover: 

T: 07867 808 214 or E: 


Producer & Director: Lukas Flottmeyer

Interviewer: Xander Chevallier

Camera: Ben Thompson, Jonathan Smith, Myles McDevitt, Xander Chevallier

Editor: Lukas Flottmeyer

Voice: Lukas Flottmeyer