From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 8

This is the seventh in a multi-part series on women in sport. Chapter 1 explored the early days of the Olympic movement, Chapter 2 grapples with the struggles of sexual identity, Chapter 3 looks at the influence of the media on gender views and Chapter 4 Part 1 and Part 2 discusses the sexualisation of women’s sport, Chapter 5 unpacks the unique obstacles facing female athletes in India, Chapter 6 examines women in parasport and Chapter 7 looks into women in men's football. Chapter 8: Esports — the new world for women Whether or not you play

The Rapid Growth of eSports

eSports, or competitive video games, have become part of mainstream TV sports coverage over the last few years, and eSports FIFA or Street Fighter competitions are now a common feature of Sky Sports' schedules. Indeed eSports has grown so quickly that the most successful players of the most popular eSports games