Ex Arsenal ace André Santos reveals strife with “father figure” Wenger and blames serious injury for swift time at Emirates

http://gty.im/160096923 Whenever a high-profile managerial vacancy arises, the name Arsene Wenger is immediately thrust back into the spotlight. In the last three months alone, the Frenchman has been linked with the PSG, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Wenger spent over two decades in north London, guiding Arsenal to a trio of Premier

A Christmas XI of current Premier League players

Grab yourself a plate of Tur-Ki Sung-yeung, a side of Marko Ar-sprout-ovic and drizzle some Gravy Propper over it and tuck in to this Christmas XI of current Premier League players. Co-managed by Sean Mince Pyche and Eddie Snowe (ha...), this band of merry men might not survive the rigours of English

Christmas on the wrong (right) side of the world

Ah Christmas! A time of endless joy. A period of too much food, too much booze and too much time with that uncle who won't stop telling you that 9/11 was an inside job. It truly is a magical time of the year with a cacophony of unique sensory delights; the

Beer bellies, bad boots and fist fights – A day at Hackney Marshes

View the Hackney Marshes photo gallery above It hits you the second you step foot on Hackney Marshes. The smell. The wafts of freshly churned mud from a no-nonsense tackle, meandering up your nostrils and transporting you back to your youth. You’re an 11-year-old again, when nothing else mattered apart from football. The days

Prague Raptors: The small Czech club making a big difference

Football can be a cold place. Wherein gluttony rules and morals are lost. Where decisions are made in the pursuit of wealth to satisfy an insatiable greed, often to the neglect of social responsibility. Der Spiegel's allegations — laying bare the plans for a Super League, while exposing Manchester City and Paris

Behind the stats: An inside look at Opta Stats

Did you know that there are only two players in Premier League history to score a penalty with both feet? Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins, not exactly who you were expecting. Or that Manchester United have been behind for 395 minutes of games this season? Only the bottom three have been

VAR has arrived… But how many other rules are flawed?

With The Premier League planning to utilize VAR next season, here are six other rule changes that should be introduced for next year's Premier League as well as International and European Competitions. Give each ball boy and girl a match ball The Premier League is the richest league in the world, but