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WATCH: 15-Minute at-Home Golf Mobility Programme

Posted on 22 February 2021 by Sarah Wilmore

When Tiger Woods burst onto the professional circuit in 1996, he transformed golf forever. Woods’ athleticism and long drives revealed that fitness is an integral part of a professional golfer’s success.

Talk around driving distance has returned to the fore with the arrival of a beefed-up Bryson DeChambeau. Over the last year, the American has gained 18kgs (40lbs) in weight and 20 yards in driving distance, which helped him win September’s US Open.

Now, when golfers are looking to increase their distance, they think of lifting weights. However, performing a regular mobility programme should not be neglected. Working on mobility builds a strong foundation, increases power, and helps prevent injury.

Nick Scrutton from Golf Specific Fitness took me through a 15-minute mobility routine. Try it yourself in the video below.