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The Attempt to Tarnish Vinicius Jr.’s Reputation In The Spanish Media

Since his arrival, Vini Jr has been subjected to racism. Some support it because they are racist themselves, which requires a review of their humanity before anything else. Others simply because he is a Real Madrid player.

Initially, the talk about him was positive because the news was that he would move to either Real Madrid or Barcelona. He was seen as the young star who would shine in the world of La Liga.

Things ended up with him choosing Real Madrid. At this moment, the media machine launched an attack on him… It’s clear that Vinicius’s first “provocation” was signing for Real Madrid.

From the first day, his immense technical and physical superiority over the rest was evident. He only played two matches and Vinicius delivered a splendid performance against Atletico Madrid B, scoring a goal. The Atletico captain bit Vinicius’s head, resulting in Vinicius receiving a yellow card for being “guilty” of course.

Against Celta Vigo B, once again Vinicius delivered a fantastic match and scored a beautiful goal from a free kick. Throughout the game, he suffered numerous fouls with the intention of injuring him and without any intention to play the ball. Can you guess how it ended?

Yes, Vinicius was indeed sent off.

Don’t fall into the trap of what the Spanish media promotes, saying that other players have better personalities and less provocative actions. Rodrygo was also sent off from Castilla after celebrating a goal in the face of the opponent after they had kicked him and provoked him.

If the referee doesn’t protect the players, it’s natural for this to happen in the end.

Vinicius moved up to the first team and began missing goals. At this point, the aggressive campaign turned into mockery, songs, and ridicule, initiated by the show “El Chiringuito“.

Songs were composed to mock a boy who was only 18 years old and harass him. His sin? Simply playing the football he loves. This was the way they intended to break the spirit of the child who had recently arrived in Spain. They started with mockery, which escalated to racism.

It’s evident that the media persecution campaign affected Vinicius to the point that after scoring a goal against Osasuna, he burst into tears.

The young Vinicius, who celebrates with dance, is no longer a child wasting chances in front of the goal; he has become one of the best players in the world and celebrates in his favorite way, “dancing.”

This is a source of envy for those who launched a campaign against him from day one, simply because Vinicius dances. Koke threatened him publicly.

On that night, on one of the episodes of “El Chiringuito” a Spanish journalist labeled Vinicius as “the monkey” because he dances, and if he wants to do that, he should go back to Brazil. Then hell breaks loose, and everyone sympathizes with Vinicius… Except in Spain.

In the same program, they threatened Vinicius that if he were to release the video condemning the racism he was experiencing, they would hound him. Vinicius didn’t hesitate and released the video. From that moment on, the persecution by the program became even more brutal.

The next match is at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Atletico Madrid fans always go beyond that. They were the first to cross those boundaries that later other teams’ fans crossed. Don’t be fooled; they are not a minority… they are the majority.

After that, a campaign to whitewash racism begins after the judge ruled that: “The complaint related to racism is rejected because it comes in the context of maximum competitiveness.” In other words, racism seems to be permissible in Spain.

Vinicius responded by scoring a goal against Atletico Madrid, like the greats, to end the cup match and secure Real Madrid’s qualification. As usual, the offenders were not punished despite everyone knowing who they were. As if that wasn’t enough, the president of Atletico used his influence to manipulate the situation…

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Vinicius still suffers from these incidents every time he plays for Real Madrid away from home. It’s strange that while opponents in Spain continue to ridicule him and then come out in press conferences to play the victim, things in Europe are completely the opposite.

A journalist asked Klopp if there was anything Vinicius did on the pitch that provoked the fans and justified the racist abuse. Klopp said that nothing justifies their racism; Vinicius is a great player.

In the match against Real Betis in Seville, Ruibal said “It’s natural to humiliate Vinicius,” after spending the entire game kicking him. Pictures show the criminal tackles on Vinicius and the attacks on Camavinga without the ball.

Then came the scandal at Mestalla, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Due to insults directed at Vinicius, the match was suspended, and a brawl broke out. They grabbed him by the neck for 10 seconds and attempted to hit him… yet he was the only one ejected.

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The player who suffers the most fouls in La Liga often gets more cards than the player who commits the most fouls! This fact is even more surprising when we compare it to Vinicius’s numbers in the Champions League.

Ten complaints against racism and two warnings from the UEFA president to La Liga. However, no action has been taken.

The image of the league in the world is an image of corrupt, racist, and violent competition.

What will be next?

Vinicius, while crying, affirmed: “I have never thought about leaving Real Madrid, the best club in the world. I am here to bring happiness to the Madridismo through my game and trophies. And if I leave, they [the racists] will win. I receive full support from the president and the club.”

Real Madrid, under the leadership of Florentino Perez, chose to escalate and defend their player to the fullest extent. It began with his presence on the president’s platform, where everyone supported him in a grand scene rarely seen for a non-retired player at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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Rayo Majadahonda goalkeeper Cheikh Sarr has been handed a two-match ban after being sent off in Saturday’s game at Sestao River for confronting fans who had racially insulted him.

“I’m with Vini Jr. till death. I am very proud of him. I thank him for supporting me and for fighting racism. He alone can’t do it. If all players of our skin color were like him, racism would end.”

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In conclusion, everyone chooses the side they want to be on. I have chosen to stand against racism… What about you?!


  • Mohammad Joseph

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