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“The Hundred is the best tournament in the world”: Jordan Cox on swapping Kent for Essex, franchise cricket and The Hundred

Oval Invincibles’ Jordan Cox has claimed that The Hundred is the best competition in the world.

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Cox, whose white-ball prominence came to the forefront during the 2022 season of The Hundred, has since played all around the world in franchise competitions and thinks none compare to The Hundred.

Cox said: “I think it’s the best tournament in the world and I’m happy to say that.

“I haven’t been to the IPL. But from what I’ve heard, in the sense that the IPL’s nine weeks, and The Hundred’s three and a half, four weeks, it [The Hundred] is the best comp.

“All the overseas want to come. I’m talking to the boys in Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, they’re like: ‘The Hundred draft is next week, I can’t wait, I really want to come.’ I’m like: ‘mate, it’s the best comp. It’s unbelievable.’

“The crowds are great. The standard of cricket is quality.”

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Although the Essex star has now played in five different franchise leagues around the world, he still wants to keep developing and make himself an even bigger target at drafts and auctions.

He said: “I think my batting gets me in most [franchises], because I can bat one to six in T20 cricket which is quite handy for owners but also being able to keep and being able to field. They don’t go, he’s a liability in the field, he’s actually a pretty good fielder so perfect, let’s get him in because he’s got those three strings.

“I wonder if I wasn’t naturally good at fielding, how many teams I might get into and actually keep. It’s like this year when I was at Gulf Giants, I was there with Jamie Smith, but they were like: ‘Jordan, you’re a better fielder so we want you in the field.’

“The only problem with that is, if you don’t do as well, you’re the first one to get dropped because you’re not an all-rounder, you’re just a batter so there’s definitely downsides to it. But to have strings to your bow should definitely help you.”

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However, Cox doesn’t want to limit himself as just a keeper-batter who can field, he also mentioned how he is trying to develop his bowling and become a true all-rounder.

“Everyone thought three years ago, when Glenn Phillips was bowling: ‘what is this?’ and now he’s got a test five-fer. It’s [being able to bowl] good for franchise cricket, it’s good for test cricket. If they need an all-rounder and potentially a backup keeper, I can do that.

“I’m giving it a Liam Livingstone style, off-spin to left-handers, leg-spin to righties, and I’m trying this new carrom ball which is tough, it’s hard.

“In one of the games [in the PSL], if you watch back, you’ll probably see me bowling 20 sets from one end.

“But I thought, why not? I wish I tried when I was younger. Why would you not try it if it’s going to add value to you as a person?

“If I’m learning to bowl now and practising these stupid little balls you bowl, it’s different. That’s four strings to my bow. Why wouldn’t a team want me? It’s just adding those strings to your bow.”

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Despite his success in franchise, Cox still thinks Test cricket is the pinnacle of the sport and dreams of receiving his cap.

He said: “It might sound a bit rogue, but I would rather play Test cricket than T20 cricket. For me growing up, although I am a bit younger, Test cricket is still the pinnacle of cricket. With how Baz and Stokesy seem to be doing this “Baz Ball” type of cricket, why wouldn’t you want to play. It looks like a great environment. It looks great fun.”

“Looking at both sides of it, I think that I could potentially play in both. There are people that after this T20 World Cup could potentially retire, so there will be spots up for grabs.”

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Over the winter, Cox was involved in a shock transfer from Kent to Essex, after Dan Lawrence left Essex for Surrey, another surprise move.

“I don’t think decisions are ever easy, but I needed a change. When you’re not enjoying cricket at 22, not enjoying cricket as much as you should, that was when I decided I wanted to branch out and experience something new.

“I don’t know [why I wasn’t enjoying it], probably wasn’t performing great in the red ball side of it. I wasn’t enjoying the off-field side more than the actual playing. So I took the opportunity to get out of my contract, which I think was needed. I’ve really enjoyed my winter away and the start of this so far.

“Things weren’t going as I’d liked so I was happy to pull the pin there. If in three years’ time, Kent are doing well, and potentially might want me back, I’ve never shut a door.”

Jordan Cox
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