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5 Christmas Presents for Manchester United fans

Posted on 13 December 2018 by Sarah Glenton

Christmas is the time for eating, being merry and, of course, giving gifts. Choosing gifts is hard at the best of times, but if you are shopping for a Manchester United fan, it can be near impossible – the mood of a United fan is as unpredictable as the weekly line-up that Jose Mourinho picks.

Luckily, the Sports Gazette have put together a list of the best gifts designed to ensure that the United fan in your life has a happy and stress-free Christmas.

A Phil Jones voodoo doll

The name ‘Phil Jones’ is enough to send any United fan into a fit of rage. But with a Phil Jones voodoo doll, you can make sure the United fan in your life has a healthy outlet for their anger the next time the defender concedes a penalty in the final minute of an FA Cup tie.

Manchester United 2012/13 season review

Photo credit/Sarah Glenton

United fans will definitely need cheering up when the team inevitably lose against Huddersfield on Boxing Day and fail to register a single shot on target.

The Manchester United 2012/13 season review is the perfect gift to remind United fans of the good old days when Fergie was still around, and the players passed the ball forwards rather than backwards.

A green and gold scarf

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The green and gold scarf is the ultimate symbol of protest for disgruntled United fans. By wearing the scarf, they feel as if they are sticking it to the owners and asserting their anger at how the club is run.

If you know a United fan who shuns more meaningful forms of protest like cancelling their season tickets or refusing to attend matches, this will be the perfect gift for them.

A looping video of Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip against Chelsea

Sometimes the best gifts are ones that money can’t buy. United fans may not have much to laugh about these days, but a looping video of Gerrard’s slip is guaranteed to bring them joy, no matter how badly their own team are doing.

A signed picture of David Moyes

Finally, if you think that the Manchester United fan in your life needs a reality check, this gift will remind them that things could be a lot worse. David Moyes could still be the manager.

Featured photograph/Kelvin Kay/WikiCommons