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6. Louis Rees-Zammit’s move from rugby to the NFL | Ricky Westaby and William Thurtle

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On this podcast, Toby is joined by the Sports Gazette’s American Sports co-Editor, Ricky Westaby, and Rugby Editor, William Thurtle, to discuss Louis Rees-Zammit’s move from Rugby Union to the NFL.

Together they look at the challenges Rees-Zammit will face, the skills he has which might help him succeed as well as some he might need to develop and why it is so hard to make the change.

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  • Toby Reynolds

    Toby is the cricket editor at the Sports Gazette. For the last three years, he has been a radio host and podcaster at URN. He also enjoys F1, rugby and football. Having written his dissertation on rugby union salary caps, Toby loves to explore tactical trends and use statistics to back up his arguments, as well as trying to disprove the saying that “stats are for prats”.

  • Ricky Westaby

    Ricky Westaby is the American Football editor for the Sports Gazette. Originally inspired by the Blind Side’s ‘true story’ to get into American Football, learning its dark truths was a crushing reality. However, the passion was already instilled. A QPR fan born and raised in West London, his other main areas of focus will include football and rugby union. @RWestaby_SG

  • William Gruffudd Thurtle

    William, 22, is a trilingual Welshman, trying to find his way in the bustling metropolis. A competitive (yet admittedly average) sportsman, William is ready to dip his hand into any sport, with a keen eye on all news leading towards the Paris 2024 Games. Rugby editor. Tennis co-editor.