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Ahead Of Brentford’s Visit To Wigan

Posted on 8 November 2019 by Alfredo Rodriguez Ruiz

Monday morning back in training was tough for Brentford after losing to Huddersfield at home on Saturday.

A win would have meant four straight victories for the first time since the fall of 2015. Despite admitting the low mood of the team on Monday morning, Brentford manager Thomas Frank said that the spirits went up after a meeting and made an undeniable and simple statement: every player in the squad would have been happy to get nine points out of 12 in the last four games. 

Arriving to that conclusion was important to boost the mood and energy in the squad towards an intense week of practice. 

Brentford’s visit to Wigan Athletic on Saturday will be an opportunity for the team to keep playing attractive football but also a challenge to capitalize on their created chances. 

The Bees were the dominant side against Huddersdfield at Griffin Park, however a tight Huddersfield defense became an impenetrable wall for the West London side.

Even though Brentford were easily able to move the ball into the final third of the pitch dominating possession with short passes, only three of their ten shots were on target.

Frank admits that his team needs to address this challenge saying that very few teams in the world can open tight defenses easily. 

‘We definitely need to find some solutions to break teams down. We have a lot of players behind the ball but everybody knows that it is an extremely difficult thing to open teams,’ Frank said.

He added that his team will aim to get the ball into ‘nice areas’ with ‘nice spaces’ at Wigan. 

Brentford’s system consists of passing the ball in the opponent’s half and therefore losing the ball can be dangerous if the opponent counter attacks. 

Frank says that his team’s response to losing the ball is ‘rest defending’ which consists of getting the players in a position so that when the team loses the ball, they are able to press forward and get close to the opponents. 

Both Brentford and Wigan come into this game on the back of home losses. A victory on Saturday at the DW stadium would mean three straight away wins for Brentford.