Champagne Football Christmas Special

The show in which your hosts Hal Fish and Becky Thomspon get drunk and slur their opinions on the footballing events of the past week. Christmas Special Jürgen Klopp and his reindeer. Who made the Champagne Football naughty and nice list. And the best and worst Christmas gifts we've ever received. Follow us on

Renault Sport Team Vitality’s Mike “Gregan” Ellis on the world championships and the future of Esports

Renault Sport Team Vitality lifts the trophy at the season seven world championships. Photo courtesy of Mike Ellis

High-intensity and smaller margins, Esports are fuelled by adrenaline.  Despite debates on whether or not to classify Esports as a sport, it is difficult to deny the excitement that comes with watching gamers hit perfect shots.  Renault Sport Team Vitality competes in Rocket League, a game described on its website as a

St Mary’s Shemar Boldizsar on his Olympic dreams

Shemar Boldizsar sprints to gold at the European U23 Championships. Photo courtesy of Boldizsar

Shemar Boldizsar is a 200m sprinter at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. His 2019 season was one full of personal bests that culminated in him winning the gold medal at the European U23 Championships for Great Britain in July. At just 20-years-old, Boldizsar has a bright future ahead of him in athletics.  His

Jay Lemonius on LGBT inclusion in football, racism and inner acceptance

Jay Lemonius plays for Stonewall FC who are sponsored by Team Pride. Photo courtesy of Jay Lemonius

Imagine not feeling welcome in the sport you love because of your sexual identity.  Football is one of those spaces that historically has not been welcoming to LGBT players, particularly in men’s professional football.  However, there is change occurring at the grassroots level.  Jay Lemonius has been playing football for as long as

“I had to do everything I could to hide any hints that I might have been gay” Greg McLean on the need for more LGBTQ+ education in football 

Greg McLean is a football coach at St Margarets Old Boys in Liverpool / Photo courtesy of Greg McLean

There are no openly LGBTQ+ players in men’s professional football in the United Kingdom.  Stonewall’s annual Rainbow Laces campaign is working towards changing that narrative and has run their campaign for two weeks every year since 2013.  Last year, football coach and club secretary at St Margaret's Old Boys in Liverpool, Greg

Champagne Football Episode One

The show in which your hosts Hal Fish and Becky Thomspon get drunk and slur their opinions on the footballing events of the past week. Episode One Phil Neville disappointing a sell-out Wembley. Messi making a mess before making amends. Mispronouncing simple words and blaming it on alcohol. And naming your children after

WTA Finals Preview

The top eight women with the WTA Finals trophy in Shenzhen, China. Photo credit: Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

Over the next week, the top eight women in tennis will compete for a record $14 million pot.  The WTA Finals will begin on October 27 in Shenzhen, China. The players will compete in a round robin before the top two players from each group will move on to knock-out play

“The two most important games in our hockey career.” Canada overcoming adversity on the doorstep of Olympic qualification

Team Canada. Photo Credit: courtesy of Team Canada women's field hockey team

The last time the Canadian women’s field hockey team qualified for the Olympics was 27 years ago.  Now, the only thing standing between them and Tokyo 2020 is a two-game series against the 2018 World Cup silver medalists, Ireland.   The team has made huge strides in the last year, moving up six

Race walker Evan Dunfee sets sights on Tokyo after bronze in Doha

Evan Dunfee after crossing the line in Doha to win the bronze medal. Photo credit: Andy Lyons/IAAF

In Rio, Canadian race walker Evan Dunfee thought he had finished on the podium.  The original bronze medal winner, Hirooki Arai of Japan, had been disqualified for bumping the Canadian, and Dunfee was upgraded to an Olympic medal. However, an appeal by Japan proved to be successful and Dunfee once again settled