Reshmin Chowdhury on BAME representation within the sports media industry

Raheem Sterling's statement which voiced his feelings that racism within football is fuelled by newspapers and the media has necessarily brought an ever-so ugly issue surrounding the sport to a head. We find ourselves living in one of the most thriving and diverse ages where anyone with a dream and a

Kings Cross Steelers pledge support to honorary president Gareth Thomas amid Rainbow Laces weekend

Former Wales rugby union captain Gareth Thomas was the victim of a hate crime for his sexuality in his home city of Cardiff last week. The 44-year-old released a video message on his personal social media feed stating that he had suffered abuse from a number of men the previous night,

Northern Ireland vs Republic of Ireland 1993: Alan McLoughlin, The Troubles and That Goal 25 Years Later

Belfast. November. 1993. The dust momentarily settles over a war zone which saw a total of 27 deaths throughout October, making it the worst month for casualties in 17 years. “I was sitting on the Republic of Ireland team coach when the fear hit me. Similarly, it was completely silent and

This is the story of Shaunagh Brown: The firefighting England & Harlequins women’s rugby star

In an age obsessed with team-no-sleep hashtags and Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine, you are invited to delve into the life of Shaunagh Brown. Full-time firefighter. England and Harlequins Ladies back-row. Commonwealth Games bronze medallist. The Highland Games. Plus a brief stint in boxing. This proves just a glimpse into the CV