Ladies European Tour needs a facelift in order to fight against the gender pay gap in golf – this week’s Jordan Mixed Open will be a stepping stone towards that

The first quarter of 2019 has come to its end. At this point, it is a good time to analyse the progress (if any) of professional golf through the lenses of equality. The game is the same. The equipment is the same. The rules are the same. The money is

Is a format change destined to boost squash’s popularity?

The squash world has recently been rocked with the news that despite a fourth successive bid for inclusion, the sport will not feature at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. With a host of talented French players spearheading a bid which seemed to be ticking all the boxes set

These are the three most extreme water sports in the world

Today is world water day. A day that higlights the imprtance of sustainable management of fresh water resources. To celebrate we look at three extreme water sports. Cliff diving  Originally a niche sport, cliff diving has been popularised in recent years thanks to Red Bull’s Cliff Diving World Series in 2009.   Professional Red

“It took me two years to feel like I belonged” — Michaela Tabb on the difficulties of being the first major female snooker referee

The culture changing career that all started with a little white lie. Michaela Tabb is widely renowned as a pioneer for equality in snooker, and rightly so. The Scot became the first woman to referee a final of a world-ranking snooker event when she took charge of the Welsh Open

Could this be the end of Wigan’s Super League power?

What a difference a year makes.  When these Wigan Warriors travelled to Warrington Wolves at the start of the 2018 Super League season, the boot was firmly on the other foot. The Warriors were unbeaten and the Wolves had lost their first two games, and struggling to get their season going.  This

From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 4 Part 1

This is fourth in a multi-part series on women in sport. Chapter 1 explored the early days of the Olympic movement, Chapter 2 grapples with the struggles of sexual identity and Chapter 3 looks at the influence of the media on gender views. Chapter 4: Sexualisation of Women's Sport (part 1 of 2) Imagine making