Could this be the end of Wigan’s Super League power?

What a difference a year makes.  When these Wigan Warriors travelled to Warrington Wolves at the start of the 2018 Super League season, the boot was firmly on the other foot. The Warriors were unbeaten and the Wolves had lost their first two games, and struggling to get their season going.  This

From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 4 Part 1

This is fourth in a multi-part series on women in sport. Chapter 1 explored the early days of the Olympic movement, Chapter 2 grapples with the struggles of sexual identity and Chapter 3 looks at the influence of the media on gender views. Chapter 4: Sexualisation of Women's Sport (part 1 of 2) Imagine making

From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 3

This is the third in a multi-part series on women in sport. Chapter 1 explored the early days of the Olympic movement, chapter 2 grapples with the struggles wrapped up in sexual identity Chapter 3: The influence of the media on gender views in sport It's clear that over the years, the influence of the media in recognising and covering sports has contributed to its growth. This extends to the number of women participating in the various athletic codes. With the power

International Women’s Day: Sports Gazette’s starting XI of female sports journalists

In results released from a 2018 report from Women in Sport, they found that women make up just over 10% of the sports journalism industry, and 40% of them feel that they still face discrimination because of their sex. Some found that it took them far longer to gain credibility and

From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The history of women in sport Establishing the modern Olympic Games — the celebration of male athletes “Sport is one of the most powerful platforms for promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls,” declares the mission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Gender equality is part of the essence

“I wasn’t thinking about how badly I wanted a medal. I was just thinking wow, I’m here and I’m pain free” — Holly Bradshaw on winning Pole Vault silver at European Athletics Indoor Championships

This weekend saw Glasgow host the European Athletics Indoor Championships, where Great Britain capped off a successful tournament with a flurry of medals on the final day. Of them, Holly Bradshaw claimed the pole vault silver after clearing a 4.75m jump. Holly took the gold in the Indoor Championships in 2013, but subsequently

“It is going to be four fantastic days of sport” — Behind the scenes at Cheltenham as the Festival draws nearer

Fallback Image

For any racing fan, turning the calendar over from February into March means only one thing, the Cheltenham Festival. The Grand National and Epsom Derby may bring in more TV viewers and Royal Ascot has the global appeal, but the Cheltenham Festival remains a pilgrimage for a quarter of a million

”I think handball is in a great position to develop over the next few years” — Ex-GB captain Bobby White on his career, the Olympics and handball’s future in the UK

Bobby White belongs to an exclusive club. He is the only man in history to captain Great Britain’s handball team at the Olympic games. Not just any games either. London 2012; the year when the greatest show in sport came to our shores.   Olympic stories are as varied as they

Why ice yachting is the thrilling sport you’ve been missing

Iceboats line up to race.

Serene, surreal and scary. Welcome to the frozen world of ice yacht racing. When wet water simply won’t do.  Adriaen Pietersz’s ‘Der Winter’ depicted iceboats being used in the Netherlands for cargo transportation as far back as the 17th Century. By the late 1700s in America, iceboats were being raced, while clubs dedicated to racing began to emerge in the States by the mid 1800s.  John A