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In Conversation with Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp takes a photo with, journalist, Emily Victoria, following an exclusive interview. They are in a local restaurant close to Redknapp's home.

Harry Redknapp and Emily Victoria post-interview photo.

Talking to Harry Redknapp is like talking to a mate down the pub – except a mate probably wouldn’t have as much football nous as Redknapp.

Sitting in Redknapp’s local cafe waiting for his arrival felt like I was waiting to meet the Prime Minister or about to sit a horribly long, important exam. My palms were clammy, my heart beat slightly faster than usual and I kept looking over my shoulder in anticpation.

However, when he arrived, all the worry washed away. Redknapp’s warm, relaxed persona had an instant effect and we were soon talking about our families, pets and finally: football.

The cafe was a bit loud for us, so Redknapp took me next door to a restuarant where the interview began, and the video below was the result.

Although it doesn’t include our laugh-out-loud recounts of pet-stories gone wrong, it does talk football. It gets down to the nitty-gritty of Redknapp’s sacking from Birmingham, his career highs and lows and explores the future of English football.

Emily Victoria
A passionate, ambitious, team-playing journalist with an inquisitive mind, great nose for a story and keen interest in current affairs. Emily's obsession with sport began when she first watched AFC Bournemouth under manager Mel Machin, who assisted them in their 'Great Escape' from being relegated back to the third division. She loves most sport, with the exception of greyhound racing but would challenge someone passionate about the sport to change her mind. She has recently fallen in love with American Football and e-sports. Emily has already gained experience at HOT Radio (2011-2014), Sky Sports (July 2014), Dubai Eye (2015), Newsquest (July 2016) and Press Association (August 2016). While at HOT Radio, the producer saw a natural journalistic flare in Emily. This is where her journey into the industry began. She believes sport plays a hugely important role in society so feels privileged to work on the sporting front line.
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