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Richard Kilty challenges Jonny May to a race after claim he is faster than Bolt

Posted on 17 November 2017 by Tomas Meehan

Team GB sprinter Richard Kilty has rubbished claims that England rugby winger Jonny May could beat Usain Bolt in a race.

In an article by The Telegraph, rugby correspondent Gavin Mairs said that May ran 10.49 meters per second or 23 miles per hour  in a recent speed test during a rehabilitation session from a hamstring injury.

Mairs went on to hint that May could run 100m in 9.53 seconds; 0.05 seconds faster than Bolt’s world record.

For anyone who is interested in track and field, the idea that a rugby player could smash the 100m world record is farcical.

Jamie Fox, Head Of Communications at Harlequin FC,  was keen to set up a race between May and Kilty, the 2014 World 60m champion and 2017 European 60m champion. Understandably Kilty was unimpressed by the superhuman speed May is purported to possess.

A few years ago, a similar article emerged which suggested that Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin could beat Bolt over the first 40m of a 100m race.

Kilty subsequently challenged Bellerin to a race, betting £30000 that he could beat the Arsenal star over any sprint distance.

Now it’s time we put all these ridiculous claims to rest and set up a race between Kilty and May, Bellerin or any other sportsperson who the media think can beat the fastest man on the planet.


Featured image: Wikimedia Commons.